Auto Processing and Invoice Skip Settings

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In Benji Pays, go to Settings >> Company Settings

Auto Processing Settings

Click Auto Processing Settings on the right

Hour to queue Auto Processing: 

The hour of the day your Auto Processing will be queued. selected above, your Auto Processing job will be added to our processing queue.

This setting is only available on our Pro plan or higher

Auto processing is not guaranteed to run at this hour, but it will start at some point after this hour, generally within the hour, but it could be longer depending on how busy our servers are.

If you want to guarantee your processing runs before a specific hour of the day, choose a run hour 2 or more hours prior to that time .

Delay Days:

By default, Benji Pays will process an invoice payment on its due date.  You can have Benji Pays adjust this to a number of days before or after your invoice due dates with the Delay Day setting.

Setting your Delay Days to +2 for instance will wait an extra two days.  e.g. an invoice due on July 1st, will process on July 3rd.  

Setting your Delay Days to -2 will process your invoices two days before the due date.  e.g. an invoice due on July 1st will process on June 29th.

Process Credit Memos:

With this setting turned on,  Benji Pays will look for credit memos in your accounting system for each customer during Auto Processing.  If a credit memo is found, Benji Pays will automatically apply that credit to the invoice prior to processing the credit card or bank charge. 

This setting is only available on our Pro plan or higher

So  if a customer has an invoice for $100 and  a credit memo for $30, Benji Pays will apply the credit memo to the invoice first in the accounting system, then the customer will be charged for the remaining balance only, and their email receipt will outline what happened.

You can override this setting on each customer if you like under Customers in Benji Pays.

Enable sending receipt emails:

When enabled, any enabled emails in Benji Pays for the customer will receive a copy of the transaction receipt.

Attach PDF  invoices to your customer's receipt emails:

When enabled, a PDF copy of the paid invoice will be attached to your receipt emails (if the above setting is enabled) during auto processing.  

For QuickBooks Online and Xero, this will be the exact same PDF that you'd send from those systems, with all your branding.  For QuickBooks Desktop, this will be a Benji Pays generated PDF.

Do not track or show invoices skipped due to their due date not being met in your transaction reports:

This setting is enabled by default and we recommend you keep it enabled to keep your transaction reports cleaner and easier to read.

If you disable this setting, there will be an entry in your transaction report for each invoice that is not due yet, every day, until that invoice is processed.  

Do not send notifications of invoice payments, card requests or Auto Processing results to the company email in your Company Settings:

By default, Benji Pays sends these notification emails to the email in your Company Settings, as well as any users that have the notifications enabled.  

When this setting is enabled, your company settings email will not receive these notifications.

Auto Processing Enabled:

When disabled your Auto Processing is turned off and will not run. 

When enabled your Auto Processing is turned on and will run daily.

Invoice Skip Settings

Benji Pays invoice skip settings allow you to control which invoices will be skipped by making small changes to them in your accounting system.  We designed it this way to keep you in the tools you already use, and minimize how often you need to come into Benji Pays.

Click Invoice Skip Settings on the right.

Skip invoices with invoice date prior to:

To have Benji Pays skip any invoices prior to a specific date, select a date and click "Save Invoice Skip Settings".  

This is a great feature if you only want to auto process invoices after a specific date, say only invoices after the date you set up Benji Pays.

QuickBooks Online and Desktop Only:

Memo Field Skip:

Skip invoices when their Memo field (QuickBooks Desktop) or Message on Statement or Message on Invoice (QuickBooks Online) contains the following text (it can also contain other text, Benji will search the entire memo field). Ensure this is something that wouldn't normally show up in your memo fields, consider using special characters.

e.g. if you enter *NAP* in this field, and then enter the same text in the Message on Invoice on an invoice in QuickBooks online, that invoice will not be processed during Auto Processing. 

This is is an easy way to skip a single invoice that you don't want to have automatically processed.

Payment Terms:

You can control which invoices will be processed or skipped during Auto Processing based on your QuickBooks payment terms on the invoice.

To disable processing for any invoices that have a specific Payment Terms, turn off the switch for that payment term and click "Save Invoice Skip Settings".  Those invoices will now be skipped.

Xero Only:

Xero Branding Themes:

You can control which invoices will be processed or skipped during Auto Processing based on your Xero Branding Themes.  

To disable processing for any invoices that have a specific Branding Theme in Xero, turn off the switch for that branding theme and click "Save Invoice Skip Settings".  Those invoices will now be skipped. 

Auto Processing Forecast Report

You can view your Auto Processing Forecast Report in Benji Pays under the Transactions Menu.

This report will show you which invoices will process for any given date, and which will be skipped, based on all the Auto Processing rules.  This is a great way to see what the effect of changes to your Invoice Skip settings have had on Auto Processing.  It's also a great way to troubleshoot why an invoice didn't process during Auto Processing.

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