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To connect your Converge gateway with Benji Pays, there are 4 sections that must be completed.


A. Converge Settings to be completed by Converge Support.

Converge support phone: 1-800-377-3962 (Choose your language, then Option 2 for Internet and then option 2 again)

*** If you are an ISO submitting a request for a new Converge terminal to be setup, you can request the settings listed in sections A1 to A7 below on your new terminal request form ***

--------------Start of email to copy ----------------------

A1. Tokenization must be enabled on your account by Elavon. (If the Customers tab / menu item is visible in Converge, tokenization is already enabled)

Log into your Converge account here - click the login button at the top right of that page.

A2. The following URLs must be added to the http referrers list by Converge Support: 

YourPortalName is the name of your Benji Pays portal. This can only be set within your Benji Pays settings and must be set up prior to submitting these values to Elavon to ensure your connection will work correctly.

A3. Use HTTP Referrers must be unchecked by Converge Support

A4. A user must be setup by Converge Support with permission to access the terminal via the API. Users in Converge are found under the Employees tab. This user will commonly be called "apiuser". Ensure the apiuser is setup with "Administrator" level User Rights or "Manager" level plus both "Terminal Management" selections enabled.

A5. On the "Settings > System Setup Support" page, at the bottom of that page ensure all the checkboxes below have a check.

Save your changes.

A6. The following Benji Pays IP addresses must be added as Valid API IP Addresses by Converge Support:

A7. Ensure "Enable HTTPS Transaction" is enabled on the account.

--------------End of email to copy ----------------------

B. Fraud Prevention Rules to be completed directly in Converge

Once Converge Support has completed section A,  you can log in and configure the following settings in Converge:

B1. Click on "Settings" and then choose "Fraud Prevention Rules" (at the bottom of the page)

    Ensure the following Fraud Prevention Rules are not Enabled:

Daily Velocity

Hourly Velocity

 Hourly Velocity by IP Address

B2. Still under Fraud Prevention Rules, ensure that Auto Pend is not enabled and transactions are all unchecked:

B3. Still under Fraud Prevention, ensure Transaction Timeout is not enabled:

C: Lightbox configuration to be completed directly in Converge

C1. Click on Settings and choose "Hosted Payments". Then, click on "SETUP" next to Payment Modal:

C2. Optionally, upload a company logo and choose a Theme.

C3. Set the button text to "Continue".

C4. Uncheck "Show Amount".

C5. Optional: Enable "Show Address Verification Fields (Generate Token Transaction)".

C6. Optional:  Enable "Show Address Verification Fields (Credit Sale/AuthOnly/ECS Transaction)".

C7. Optional: enable "Show Language Option".

C8. Uncheck "Enable CAPTCHA".


Note - if you do not wish to input Address Data and use AVS (Address Verification Service), you should not enable the fields in steps C5 and C6. You must also ensure that none of the fields under "Settings > Payment fields > Billing Address" are marked as Required fields:


D. Add the payment gateway in Benji Pays.

D1. Login to Benji Pays and navigate to "Settings > Payment Gateway Settings" and click "Add New Gateway" and select "Elavon - Converge".

D2. Fill in the following information:

  • Select the currency or currencies you will process through this gateway.

  • Select a Clearing or Bank Account: This is where Benji Pays will record the payments to your accounting software.

  • Select an Accounts Receivable Account: This is the A/R account Benji Pays will credit

  • Description: Type in a description such as "Elavon".

  • Merchant ID (MID):
    • In Converge, navigate to "Settings>>Terminal Information".

    • Copy the Merchant ID

  • Account ID (SSL Merchant ID): 

    • In Converge, click the terminal we are connecting to (top right)

    • Copy the Account ID from the dropdown

  • SSL User ID: This is the apiuser that was added by Converge support.

    • In Converge, click on Employees and copy the "Employee ID" of the apiuser. The apiuser may have a number following it such as apiuser0064785

  • SSL Pin:

    • In Converge, Click on the name of the apiuser from above.

    • In the bottom right corner, click "SHOW PIN".

    • Copy the long string of green letters and numbers and paste it into the SSL Pin section in Benji Pays.

  • Click "Save Gateway" at the bottom of the page.

Sometimes you may have issues with your Payment fields in Elavon Converge. There may be some fields that have to be turned off in order for your payments to process. If you have issues processing payments you may want to check out these settings to ensure they are correct. Go to "Settings>Payment Fields". All fields with a red asterisk are turned on but can be edited if you click on the pencil icon. If you are unsure of what fields you need to have turned on/off or which fields are causing issues, please reach out to your Elavon Converge Representative to assist you with this 1-800-377-3962.

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