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Modified on Wed, 15 May 2024 at 08:15 PM

Before you can use your Moneris account with Benji Pays, please ensure you have activated your gateway in the email received from Moneris. 

Next, you will need to ensure you have the Vault feature enabled on your Moneris account. If you are unsure if you have this feature, log into your Moneris Gateway account and look for a menu with the word "Vault" in it. If you do not see any Vault menus, contact Moneris to have them enable the Vault on your account.

We require that you setup Hosted Tokenization in your Moneris account and provide your Hosted Tokenization Profile ID, Moneris Gateway Store ID and API token in order for us to be able to process your customers' payments.

Step 1:   To get your API Key, go to, click "Login" in the top right corner and then click Moneris Gateway. 

Step 2:

  • Click the "Add New Gateway" button.

  • Select either Moneris - $CAD or Moneris - $USD on the window that opens. You will now see all the required fields for your Gateway configuration.

  • Enter a description for this Gateway, such as "Moneris Canadian".

  • Select the deposit account that transactions through this Gateway and currency will be posted to in your accounting system. You will only see accounts that are setup in the currency you have selected for this Gateway.

  • Select the accounts receivable account for this Gateway and currency will be posted to in your accounting system. If you do not see an accounts receivable account in the drop down, you may need to create an invoice in your accounting system and refresh this page once that is done.

Important ** Benji Pays cannot process US dollar transactions on a Canadian Moneris account or vice versa, Please ensure you are entering account information for a Moneris account that supports the currency you have selected or your customers will be charged in the wrong currency.

Step 3: Enter your Moneris Merchant account ID (MID) - this can be found in the Moneris Merchant Direct website, or on your Moneris statements.

Step 4: In your other browser window with the Moneris site open, click the "Admin" Menu and then select "Store Settings".

Step 5: At the top of this page, copy the text next to API Token. Then go to back to your Benji Pays Payment Gateway Settings window and paste the copied text into the "Moneris API Token" field.

Step 6: Enter your Moneris Store ID into the "Moneris Store ID" field in the Benji Pays Payment Gateway Settings page. This is the same Store ID you use when logging into the Moneris Gateway in Step 1 above.

Step 7: Click the "Admin" Menu and then select "Hosted Tokenization".

Step 8: Leave the "Source Domain" text box empty, and then click "Create Profile".

Step 9: You will now have a profile created and showing below the "Create Profile" button. Select the text in the "Profile ID" column and paste it into "Moneris Hosted Tokenization ID" field in your Benji Pays Payment Gateway Settings window.

Step 10: Click the "Save Gateway" button. Your gateway is now configured. Before enabling your Auto Processing in your Company Settings, Add a customer Profile in Benji Pays and then go to the Manual Processing page and process an invoice payment for the profile you created in order to test that your Gateway is setup correctly.

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