What is a Payment Info Request and how to send a Payment Info Request

Modified on Thu, 28 Sep 2023 at 11:30 AM

Payment Info Requests offer a secure, compliant alternative to the traditional ways we have been using to collect our customer' credit card or banking details in the past - namely PDF forms, email, text and phone calls. 

Using our Payment Info Request feature means you never receive your customers' credit card or banking details directly, and improves your PCI compliance. This increases the security of your customers' payment information and reduces your risk and liability of having credit card numbers in emails, paper files and sticky notes around your office.

Please follow the steps below to send a Payment Info Request to new and existing customers:

1. Log in to Benji Pays.

2. Click on Payment Profiles in the blue menu to the left of the screen. Scroll down to Payment Info Requests.

3. Click on Send New Request.

4. You can send this request to new or existing customers. Under "Request Customer Payment Information" choose either New Customer-Not in QuickBooks yet or Customer already in QuickBooks.  For a new customer just enter all of the customer's details, customize the message to the customer and click "Send Email Request". For an existing customer, you will be able to select the customer's information from a drop down menu.

5. Fill in all customer information and please be sure to add <Customer Name> at the very      bottom in the box "Message to customer" so that the message is tailored to that specific      customer.

6. Click "Send Request Email".

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