QuickBooks Desktop Integrated Pay Now Links

Modified on Fri, 22 Dec 2023 at 07:23 AM

What is an integrated pay now link?

Our integrated pay now links allow you to send your invoices to your customers by email and include a payment link that is integrated with your merchant account.  You send these emails just as you do now, right from your accounting system, allowing you to keep your current workflow intact.

How do they work?

The video below will show you how the QuickBooks Desktop integrated pay now links work in Benji Pays.

How do I set these up?

Setting up your QuickBooks Desktop integrated pay now links is easy thanks to our tight integration with QuickBooks Desktop.

Step 1 - Setup your payment gateway connection

The first step is to set up your payment gateway connection in Benji Pays.  Please see our support articles on how to setup your payment gateway connection here.  If you still need to complete this step,  come back here once complete.

Step 2 - In Benji Pays go to Settings >> QuickBooks Desktop Custom Payment Links

You will see three sections on this page.   We are interested in the first section. If you have only one or two currencies with one payment gateway connection for each currency, you can use the link in the first section which will look like this:

You will see a line for each currency you have configured on a gateway connection in Benji Pays.

The second section has links you can put in any email, or on your website to receive payments.  They are generic links and won't be tied to an invoice in QuickBooks, but you'll be able to link the payments to an invoice in Benji Pays once the customer has paid.

Because QuickBooks Desktop issues duplicate invoice numbers between currencies (e.g. you can have invoice #100 in both USD and CAD), you will need to have currency specific links and an invoice template in QuickBooks Desktop for each currency.

1.Setup custom Send Form templates in your QuickBooks settings and paste the links below into the templates.

2. Create a template for each Gateway / Currency combination that you have setup.

3. Paste the link exactly as shown, QuickBooks will replace the variables in these links with the Invoice Data automatically.

4. You can send this link even if you don't have an invoice created or has not been synchronized to Benji Pays, the payment will be saved in Benji Pays and you will be able to apply that payment in QuickBooks once the invoice is created under the Transactions >> Payments to Apply menu.

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